Thursday, November 20, 2014

Report on the World Philosophy Day -2014

Dear Friends
Happy World Philosophy Day
The Department of Philosophy, P.G.Govt College for Girls, Sector-11,Chandigarh celebrated the World Philosophy Day in association with Centre for Positive Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies (CPPIS) Pehowa (Kurukshetra) on the theme, "Youth and Indian Education System" on 19th November, 2014. Several students shared their views regarding the theme. On this occasion the following publications are released:
1. What is Positive Philosophy (Poster)
2. Sophia: Student Magazine
3. Proceedings of the Symposia on Philosophy edited by Prof. A.K.Sinha (E-book)
4. Shandanjali : Our Publications
You can download all from the mentioned website.

Dr. Desh Raj Sirswal concluded the event by sharing his views on Indian Education System and Present Social Situations. He also discussed the importance of World Philosophy Day celebration.

Videos Uploaded:
Two videos are uploaded one of the Programme on World Philosophy Day
Indian Philosophy by Students of Dept of Philosophy
A History of Western Philosophy by the Students

Dr. Desh Raj Sirswal